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Rugs can brighten up the room they are comfortable and your children always play on them. Most people think that their rugs are cleaner than their carpets and they are often wrong. Rugs should get cleaned at the same time as carpets if not more frequently.


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Due to rugs being more plush than regular carpet, it can often hide much more nasties and potentially unsafe things within the fibres. This often gets released into the air when you're walkng over it and can also transfer from your feet into your bed causing skin irritations.


Vaccuming alone is'nt enough as the vaccum doesnt have enough power to loosen the fibres deep down and draw the dirt out. It's essentially only cleaning the top layer of the rug.


So let our staff take care of that rug so it remains looking fabulous, clean and safe!

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 Rug Cleaning is a huge task that involves tedious work and makes your life a bit difficult.  We at Revitalise offer bespoke   cleaning services that allows us to help you get rid of all your worries related to rug cleaning. Feel free to give us a call if you   have any doubt or difficulties.

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Our professional teams are experts at their jobs and they have a lot of experience when it comes to rug cleaning in Canberra. We have made it a notion in our company that whatever we do, we provide the best quality and the highest level of satisfaction.